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We are sorry but this website is no longer being updated.

We are sorry but this website is no longer being updated.

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TRA Celebration/Equipment Grants – March 2014

TRA Celebration/Equipment Grants – March 2014

KFTRA Fieldworkers helped the following 61 Tenants and Residents Associations in Kirklees to successfully apply for a £100 community grant.

Almondbury   Central
Ashworth   TRA
Batley   Carr (Dewsbury) TRA
Batley   Central Estate
Becketts Estate
Birstall Central
Blagden Farm
Bradcroft   TRA
Bradley   TRA
Burhouse   Court & New Street TRA
Canterbury   Estate TRA
Chickenley   TRA
Close   View Residents TRA
Cottage   Homes TRA
Cowersley   TRA
Crossley TRA
Deacon   Close TRA
Deercroft TRA
Drop   By Community Resource
Eightlands   TRA
Fern   Lea TRA
Fieldhead   TRA
Firthcliffe   TRA
Friends of Springwood
Highlands   TRA
Howden Clough TRA
Lees   Moor
Lockwood   Close
Longfield   & Ridgeway
Longley   & Lowerhouses
Longwood   TRA
Malham   Action Group
Netherton   TRA
Netherwood   Close TRA
New   North Road TRA
Newsome   TRA
Overthorpe Thornhill
Quarmby   TRA
Rawthorpe   TRA
Richmond   Avenue
RJS   Family Homes
Salendine   Nook TRA
Schole   TRA
Shawcross   TRA
Skelmanthorpe   TRA
Standiforth   TRA
The   Courts Residents
Thornhill   Lee Central TRA
Trinity Gardens TRA
Turnsteads TRA
Walker   Street
Walpole & Balmoral TRA
Whitacre   Close TRA
Wilton TRA (Batley)
Windybank   TRA
Woods   2 Carrs
Wroe   Street TRA

Hudds North/South TRA’s – Touching Base Event

Hudds North/South TRA Event on Monday 20/01/14

Over 50 representatives from Tenants and Residents Associations in the two Huddersfield neighbourhoods turned up for this event.  As well as time to catch up and talk to other volunteers, KFTRA arranged for Michael Gelling Chair of TAROE (Tenants and Residents of England) to attend the meeting. Michael gave an interesting talk on a new campaign being organised by TAROE to find out what tenants actually want and what the important issues are that affect social housing tenants. Some of the issues raised were;

  • No rent increase above inflation
  • Abolish the bedroom tax
  • Rinfencing issues
  • Negative publicity

Tenants should have a huge political influence

One in five people in England live in the social housing sector, thats 10.6 million people living in 4.2 million properties.DSCF4036

TAROE aim to ask as many of their membership as possible to identify their concerns and priorities and these will be presented to the main political parties with the demand that the voice of 20% of the population is listened to and their concerns are met.

If you would like to take part in this important survey and add your voice to the tenant movement, then please click the link below.

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Big Energy Saving Week

The BIG Energy Saving Week 2014

BIG Energy Saving Week

Big Energy Saving Week is back!  January 2014 will mark the third Big Energy Saving Week; a national campaign to help people cut their fuel bills and get all the financial support they are entitled to.

BIG Energy Saving Week

Energy is a huge issue and accessing it cheaply, getting support where needed and saving it where possible can have a massive impact on consumers’ ability to manage their energy usage and cost.

Many people stay on the same tariff or with the same energy supplier for years, without realising they could be getting a better deal elsewhere. They could be saving up to £200 a year, particularly if they have never switched before.



Contact your energy supplier to check you
are on the best tariff and payment method for your circumstances, or if they can offer you any discounts to cut your bills.

Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau to check you are not missing out on any benefits or tax credits that could boost your income.


Visit an accredited switching website to see if you could get your energy cheaper elsewhere. Shopping around for your energy supplier could save you as much as £200 if you have never switched before.

If you use heating oil as your main fuel, see if there are any local oil buying clubs you can join. If not, you might want to start your own.


If you’re worried about how much money you’re spending to heat and light your home,
or just want to spend less, there are some simple steps you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

Keep in the heat by insulating the cavity walls and the loft of your home – you could save up to £320 per year. Most suppliers are giving away free or discounted insulation and other energy efficiency measures so ask if you’re eligible.

For more information, visit or call 0300 123 1234


Find out how much you can save and get advice about your money and debts at this free session delivered by Chris Fitzsimmons from CAB

Ring KFTRA to book on 01484 223466 or email

Wednesday 5th February 2014 – 10.00-12.00am at Huddersfield Town Hall

Thursday 6th February 2014 – 2.00-4.00pm at Dewsbury Town Hall

Ring KFTRA to book on 01484 223466 or email

Huddersfield Area Committee – November 26th 2013

Huddersfield Area Committee – November 26th 2013

All people who live or work in Huddersfield will be welcome to the next Huddersfield Area Committee meeting on 26 November 2013,  7 – 9pm at the HuddersfieldTown Hall.

The topic for the meeting is:

Poverty Looming, Gambling Booming – who are the winners and losers in Huddersfield?

There are now more opportunities to gamble on the High Street and online.  For many this is harmless entertainment, but for some people it can become a problem that affects health and relationships.  Come and find out more about the impact of gambling on individuals and communities, and what is available to help.

For more information visit

Gambling booming flyer

Rawthorpe TRA – Blackpool Trip 2013

Rawthorpe TRA – Blackpool Trip 2013

Rawthorpe TRA - BLACKPOOL TRIP 2013

Rawthorpe TRA – BLACKPOOL TRIP 2013

Congratulations to Rawthorpe TRA especially Diane Hanson and Sandra Tremaine for organising and accompanying 90 local residents on a successful day trip to Blackpool.

The TRA had originally intended to take 45 people, but after leafleting the estate with details of the trip all the seats were taken within two hours and people were still clamouring for places. The TRA managed to secure additional funding to allow them to book an extra coach to take an additional 45 people on the trip.

Rawthorpe KFTRA Management Committee member Sandra Tremaine said “it was a lot of hard work to organise the trip, especially when we had to find another bus. But it was worth it to see how exited the children were, particularly those that had never seen the sea before.”

Summer Get Together for Huddersfield North & South TRA’s

Summer Get Together for Huddersfield North & South TRA’s

2013 Hudds North South HonleyEvent

2013 Hudds North South HonleyEvent

KFTRA held this summer event for all the tenants and residents in the South and North Huddersfield areas of Kirklees.

There was a guest speaker from Lifeline, a taste testing challenge, bingo and a prize draw as well as afternoon tea with Strawberries and Cream.

The event was held at Burhouse Court, Burhouse Street, Honley on Tuesday 29th July from 2.00pm to 4.00pm.

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Skelmanthorpe Gala 2013

Skelmanthorpe Gala 2013

Skelmanthorpe Tenants and Residents Association held their annual gala on Saturday 29th June 2013.

At the event were side stalls, childrens roundabout, bouncy slide, hot food, tombola, refreshments, childrens games, raffle and information stalls on local activities and events.

The weather was much better than last year which encouraged a good turn out of local residents and the event was opened by the mayor Of Denby Dale Parish Council.

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KFTRA AGM & Management Committee Elections June 19th 2013

KFTRA AGM & Management Committee Elections June 19th 2013

KFTRA AGM 2013 Audience
KFTRA AGM 2013 Audience

Over 90 tenants and residents from throughout Kirklees attended the KFTRA (Kirklees Federation of Tenants and Residents Association) AGM, held on June 19th 2013. The meeting was held in Huddersfield this year, (the AGM rotates annually between North and South Kirklees to provide ease of access for tenants) Guest speakers at the event were followed by the presentation of the accounts, elections to the KFTRA Management Committee, election of officers and approving the KFTRA Annual Report.

To view the KFTRA Annual Report for 2013, please click the link below.

KFTRA Annual Report 2012-2013

Kirklees Local Lettings Plan

Karen Oates - Guest Speaker
Karen Oates – Guest Speaker

Karen Oates, Tina Cooper and Liz Firth were the guest speakers for the evening to update the Delegates present on the changes to the housing allocations policy for Kirklees Council Housing and provide details of the Local Lettings Framework and Local Lettings Plan that come into force from 20/06/13. For full details of the Local Lettings Framework visit

KFTRA Management Committee Elections 2013

Cora Carter MBE - KFTRA Chair 2013/14
Cora Carter MBE – KFTRA Chair 2013/14

The officers of KFTRA elected for 2013/2014 are as follows;

Chair – Cora Carter MBE
Vice Chair – Patricia Hillary
Treasurer – Anita Duce
Publicity Officer – Janet Spencer

KFTRA Management Committee 2013 – 2014

Batley & Spen Neighbourhood

Richard Bastow – Turnsteads – Neighbourhood Lead
Pauline Leetham – Scholes
Ann Naylor – Turnsteads
Dawn Selby – Scholes
Nancy Vero – Birstall

Dewsbury & Mirfield Neighbourhood

Steve Cosford – Thornhill Lees
Patricia Daniels – Eightlands
Allen Leather – Ashworth
John Newman – Canterbury

Huddersfield North Neighbourhood

Chris Harrison – Salendine Nook TRA
Allan Hinde-King – Skelmanthorpe TRA
Paul Hulin – Netherwood Close TRA
Keith Osborne – Kirkheaton TRA – Neighbourhood Lead
Jackie Simpson – Malham Action Group
Sandra Tremaine – Rawthorpe TRA

Huddersfield South Neighbourhood

Pamela Ambrose – Longley and Lowerhouses TRA
Kevin Harrison – Meltham TRA – Neighbourhood Lead
Danny Moriarty – Cowlersley TRA
Tracy Scarfe – Almondbury Central
Janet Siddall – Newsome TRA
Hilary Stracey – Highlands TRA

Netherwood Close TRA AGM 2013

Netherwood Close TRA – 2013 AGM

Netherwood Close TRA – 2013 AGM

Netherwood Close TRA in Fixby, Huddersfield held their AGM on Wednesday 22nd May 2013. Considering the British weather they took the brave decision to hold the AGM outdoors by the Pegola and seating area in the middle of the estate.

Netherwood Close TRA AGM 2013

Netherwood Close TRA AGM 2013

The meeting was well attended and the TRA congratulated the officers on their work throughout the year and the Chair (Nora Smith), Secretary (Jeanette Sykes) & Treasurer (Paul Hullin) were all duly re-elected.

Netherwood Close fully involves the local community in their activities. They deliver minutes of the monthly meetings to every household and are involved with the tenants’ movement in Kirklees at every level and regularly attend area forums, tenant committee & KFTRA delegates meetings.

Their most recent achievement is to obtain external funding for a gardening/grow your own project.