Tenants and Residents Associations

In Kirklees there are over 80 individual Tenants and Residents Associations representing the interests of people that live on council estates.

Every estate has the opportunity to set up their own group and they will receive support from other TRA’s in their area as well as support from KFTRA (Kirklees Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations) and KNH (Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing)

There is a small amount of financial support available for recognised groups to meet their running costs. In Kirklees council tenants and residents give up their valuable time to help improve the area they live in. They should not be expected to use their own money as well.

In Huddersfield North there are currently 23 active TRA’s.

Bradcroft, Brackenhall, Bradley, CHOBB, Cottage Homes, Deercroft, Fern Lee Flats, Flockton, Glenfield Avenue, Keldregate, Kirkheaton, Lockwood Close, Longfield & Ridgeway, Malham Court, Netherwood Close, Quarmby, Rawthorpe, Richmond Avenue, Salendine Nook, Southgate, Standiforth, Skelmanthorpe & Whitacre Close  

Help and Support

If you are an existing group or if your Estate does not currently have an active TRA you can contact Graham at KFTRA on 01484 223466 or email and he will be happy to help you.


This site is open to all TRA’s in the Hudds North area to contribute to. As it develops each TRA will be given as many pages as they like to promote their activities and showcase their photos. As much or as little information for each group, with or without contact details will be posted as they wish on ‘Pages’.

Anyone can add a relevent ‘Post’ to this site by emailing the information to and Posts should normally be added within 24 hours.

Comments on any of the ‘Pages’ or ‘Posts’ on the site can also be made.

If you have any ideas on how this site could be improved or developed for Huddersfield North TRA’s please contact Chris Harrison (Salendine Nook TRA), Jackie Simpson (Malham Court TRA) or Graham Simpson (KFTRA Fieldworker) who are managing this site.   


5 thoughts on “TRA’s

  1. Sheila M Maxwell - Huddersfield South - Blagen Farm TRA

    Well done! very impressed with the new website and information available. Will Huddersfield South be having having something simular to the Huddersfield North TRA’s? It is a great way to promote the hard working TRA’s in all area’s – looking forward to seeing the expansion.
    Keep up the good work!


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