Malham Court Minutes – 120420 – AGM

Malham Court Action Group

AGM Minutes – 20/04/12

1.    Welcome – Graham Marles welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.    Reinwood School – The school are interested in helping Malham with their Jubilee celebration and will contribute decorations, tables, chairs and helpers for the day.

3.    Cllr Feedback – Cllr Cahal Burke  will look at the problems with Young People ‘hanging’ around the flats and will ask Youth Services if they can work with youths in the area. The police have agreed that they will target the illegal parking at the school as a ‘one off’ and fine offending vehicles which should discourage poor parking for a while. There will be no change on the age designations for the flats at present, but the council’s cabinet will be looking at the policy for all Kirklees later this year.  Cahal has secured £500 funding from the Area Committee towards the Jubilee costs, but stressed that this cannot be used for food. He also suggested that the Ice Cream and Burger Vans be asked for a £30 donation. Cahal can also loan two generators, provide high visibility vests and will arrange for the PCSO’s to attend the event. The PCSO’s will also be able to act as First Aiders if needed.

4.    Jubilee Event – Jackie and Graham  have been working up ideas for the event. There will be a cake and biscuit stall, a tombola, a second hand DVD and book stall and a stall selling tea, coffee and soft drinks. The Young Peoples Service has also been invited to provide information on the services they can offer. Activities discussed for the event include Church Choir/Singer (booked), Bouncy Castle (booked), Brass band (booked), Community DJ’s (booked), Karate Demonstration, Kite Flying and School Choir. Publicity, GS has designed a leaflet which will go out soon and the school will distribute leaflets to the parents. Lindley Carnival will advertise the Event on their website and ideas to put to the Tenant Led Budget to improve the area will be sought on the day. 

5.     Housing Issues – a) When will the front of the flats and the pavement be made good. B) Are there any plans for the communal garden. C) When will Hebdon Court and Buckden Court be refurbished. D) What is the pets policy in regard to the flats.

6.    General Issues – Children have asked for more equipment in the play area and there is a problem with noise at night from the Air Ambulance.

7.    Sue Dunn from the Regenta, Excellent Homes for Life project gave an update on the work opposite Malham Court. There will be six ‘homes for life’ built on the site which will be managed for the first 25 years by Pinnacle. Rents will be set using the same formula as for other council housing throughout Kirklees. After 25 years the properties revert to council ownership.

8.    Chairs Report – Graham said that it had been a good 12 months with the TRA being represented on area forums and tenant committees which Graham chaired and both Graham and Jackie are on the KFTRA management Committee.

9.    Secretaries Report – jackie said that she had spent a lot of time following up tenants issues and trying to get investment for the flats and look for funding towards social events. Jackie said that she was looking forward to working on the Jubilee event if re-elected and she has worked to try to include everyone in activities.

10.           Treasurers Report – Chris said that he had been doing the treasurer’s job for a year now and he had been working to ensure that systems were in place to make sure that the budget was followed. It was agreed that Graham, Jackie and Chris should meet with GS to ensure that all were clear about and happy with the expenses policy.

11.           All the Officers were successfully re-elected and Graham and Jackie will continue to represent Malham Court at the Tenant Committee, Area Forum and as KFTRA Delegates.

12.             Any Other Business – it was decided to look what bids could be made to the Tenant Led Budget to improve the gardens such as bulb planting, fruit trees and more planted areas. The bid for CCTV looks as if it will go ahead and will be voted on at the next Tenant Committee meeting.

13.           Next meeting will be in August 




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