Minutes – June 2012 – Salendine Nook


Minutes of the meeting held on the 6th June 2012.

At 1pm in the Community room.

Present;-          Keith, Pam, Maureen & Barry

Guest;-                        Rebecca our EMO.

Keith opened the meeting at 2.05pm welcoming all present. Apologies were accepted from Chris & Claire.

The minutes of the last meeting, Keith asked were they correct as they were for April. Barry explained that the A.G.M. minutes were not used until the next AGM, & that we are all expected to remember what was said until then. The April ones were read and accepted by all present

Matters Arising;-         Pam’s Door;-  the area around & the hole have been sorted. This she hopes is the end of the problem. But she will not know until after another winter.    Flower Beds;-These have now been planted out. Keith asked about maintenance ?  we thought that it is twice a year! After discussion we felt that this is not enough. The other flower beds that residents have taken over was brought up. Rebecca said that where residents had asked to maintain them housing & leisure had a agreement, but where residents had taken them on themselves this could be a problem should anything ever happen to the resident.  We agreed to put this as a item for discussion at our next meeting. & then ask Leisure to join us for to discuss.

Keith then gave the floor to Rebecca;-           The Tenant led budget has now been agreed. CCTV is not to come from this so the requests below have now moved up, giving here to believe that our application for fencing will now be done Barry asked would all associations be sent the new list. Rebecca does not know.  We are due this year for repairs and  painting the Bungalows being done first, whilst the negations with flat residents goes on. All should be completed by the end of October. Keith asked about the new plastic gutters being fitted, that do not seem to be joined up correctly. Rebecca reported that Chris was dealing with this. Barry also asked were they fitting Birds Nests to the tops of the down pipes on the properties running along side the YM so as to keep them clear of leaves.  Rebecca would ask but would remove the “Bird” word.

 Post in;-           Nil.     Barry brought up that the other groups he is with the Chair has received there Grant application form. Barry had asked Chris for ours, he has not seen.   Chris rang Barry after our meeting to say he has spoken with Izzy who is going to sent Barry one in to-days post.           Out;-    Haley, Chris & Rebecca

 Finance;-         Our accounts are now back from WYCAS  who has audited them. Barry read out the letter that came with them. Keith then asked should we not leave the discussion until our next meeting as so few of us were here. After discussion we agreed to continue as they are aviable for all to see.  We then went through the GRANT accounts & after discussion accepted them. The same happened with the SOCIAL & WELFARE AccountBarry asked Pam after the meeting could she on our behalf write & say ‘Thank You’.

 Grant;- £28.02

The Chairs that we have purchased from the KNH grant of £150  came to £ 151.65. As we have changed our Grant Treasure for the next 12 months until Yvonne gets better it was asked do we change the signatures and the address that the bank statement goes to?  After discussion we agreed to leave well alone.

 Social;- £375.97

The Jubilee Party raised for funds the sum of £117.81 to which we thanked all who attended on the day for their support.

Neighbourhood Watch report;-           Keith reported that all had been quite in our area. This was felt to be very good as the school holidays had been on the go.

 Functions;-   We are still awaiting Chris’s reply from Jean about the Quiz.

 Left over to the next meeting;- Key Holders & Committee Duties.

 Keith closed the meeting at 1.40pm thanking all present for coming.

 Date of the next meeting is here on the 10th July. Time to be given later.   


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