Gardening Competitiom Winners

This group is based on part of the Brackenhall Estate and the initials that form the groups name CHOBB are from streets on the estate that the group represented before the demolition and remodeling of the estate took place (Catherine, Hopkinson, Oxley Roads & Bracken Grove & Bracken Square.)

The group is very active locally and is very much a part of the local community and acively represents their interests. This group tends to focus more on activities than meetings and holds events such as gardening competitions to involve the whole community.

From July 8th 2012, CHOBB has incorporated the area covered by the Brackenhall Action Group, so that it now covers the whole estate.

Community Priorities – Play Area (with ‘proper’ swings) – traffic calming  – stop pavement parking – drives (from 2011 – road sweeping – better grass  cutting)

TRA Chair – Margaret Lees

Estate Management Officer – Cecile Hanson, tel 01484 234246, email

Ward Cllrs – Jean Calvert, Tel 07528 988806, Email   Ken Smith, Tel 07528 252349, Email  Cath Harris, Tel 07528 988807, Email



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