Opening a Bank Account

TRA’s sometimes find opening a bank account for their group a more difficult process than it should be.

Quite often branches of the same bank can give a very different service to each other and it can be worth using a bank that one of your group already uses or asking other TRA’s which bank  they use to help you decide where to open your account.

Identification you need.

You will need two forms of ID. One to prove who you are and one to prove where you live. The more official the document the better.

Proving who you are – passport – Driving Licence – Disabled Parking Document – Tax Demand/Notification – Student Card – Benefit Letter/Document.

Proving where you live. Council tax bill – utility bill – telephone bill – cable TV bill – credit card bill – bank statement – tax letter – tenancy letter – benefits letter – (all dated within last four months)

Arrange an appointment with your chosen bank, take the relevant documents with you and thats it, thirty minutes later you will have a new bank account!

While an account can be opened by two people from different addresses (minimum needed to sign cheques) it is always useful to have at least three people as signatories in case one person is away when a cheque needs signing.

Please Note. People who are bankrupt or have county court judgements against them within the last six years can not be account signatories


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